EOQ Congress 2017

Ladies and gentlemen,

The European Organization for Quality has been organizing the Annual Quality Congress since 1956. It offers great opportunities for identifying new quality trends with the aim of being better on the way to the better. With the final goal – being excellent!

We are proud that the EOQ Congress 2017 will be held in Bled on 11th and 12th October which is jointly organized by the EOQ and Slovenian Association for Quality and Excellence (SZKO). For a few days Bled will therefore become the World Capital of Quality since several prominent quality experts, mostly members of the International Academy for Quality (IAQ) has already announced their participation and presentation. In addition, one day after the Congress, on 13th October 2017 the IAQ Quality Forum will be held at the same place.

At the Congress, we expect many prominent and renowned individuals from both the public and private sector, academia and many other international organizations that all take quality and a better world as an imperative and inspiration. This is an excellent opportunity to meet them in person and listen to their lectures, which will present best practice examples of successful operations and activities and discuss new trends in quality.

We believe that in addition to the inspiration and development of social capital, participation in the Congress will also provide added value, as a study by the CQI (Chartered Quality Institute) from the United Kingdom reveals that ratio for investment in quality (programmes, principles and tools) will exceed input/out by 1:16.

The Congress will operate in plenary and module sessions covering topics of interest such as:

• Digital Agenda and Industry 4.0
• From Quality to Excellence – Models of Excellence
• Transformation and Change Management
• Skills Required for Managing Quality and Quality Management in the Digital Era
• Quality Standards, Programmes, Tools
• IT Solutions for Quality Support
• Quality with Regard to the Environment and Social Responsibility
• Quality in a Circular Economy

The aforementioned topics will present the best practical examples and solutions implemented in five sectors:

• Industry (the focus being on Automotive)
• SME (small and medium sized enterprises)
• Energy
• Healthcare
• Public/governmental/education

Basic information can be found on the Congress website: www.eoqcongress2017.com

We warmly look forward to hosting this event in the beautiful tourist resort of Bled: https://www.slovenia.info/en/places-to-go/attractions/bled

With kind regards,
On behalf of the EOQ Congress 2017 organizing committee:
Janez Bencina
President SZKO

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EOQ Congress 2017

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